Ladyship is a new musical written by Songwriter/Composers Linda Good and Laura Good, twin sisters and co-founders of the modern alt/pop band The Twigs. Ladyship is inspired by the true stories of some of the 25,000 women convicts that were sent to the new colony of Australia from 1788-1868. The musical explores how some of these strong women used their brains, beauty and hearts to survive some of the toughest sea journeys to date, and went on to become to founding “mothers of Australia.

Drawing upon their sisterly bond, Linda and Laura have created two main characters, Alice and Mary: teenage sisters who must depend upon their hearts, minds and each other in order to survive. Using their classical training and pop music sensibility, their songs and book explore the story of Ladyship by looking at the themes of class struggle, economic oppression and sexual harassment through a new lens that reflects current awareness of equality and human rights.

They add, “We want to debunk the myth that most of the female convicts were prostitutes, or women without morality or virtue, which is not only untrue, but reflected the one-sided narrative of male historians of the time. Presenting complex portraits of these women that go beyond the labels they were given, we explore how they used both their physical and emotional resilience to survive.”

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