Behind the scenes of recording the LADYSHIP CONCEPT ALBUM

Maddie Shea Baldwin. West Coast recording session - Linda's home studio, Los Angeles.

Brandi Knox, as Mrs. Pickering.

Laura Good & Savannah Frazier in Jakob Reinhardt's studio in Harlem, NYC.

Maddie Shea. East Coast recording session, NYC.

Linda Good & our mixing engineer Jakob Reinhardt at a pre-Grammy coffee in LA.

Writing session at Laura's home studio.

Quentin Oliver Lee as Captain Adams. 

Lisa Karlin recording in LA.

Lisa Karlin as Abigail Gainsbourough. NYC.

The band! Linda Good (piano), Marc Doten (bass & engineer) and Joe Berardi (drums) We cranked out 23 songs in 2 days at Marc's studio in Echo Park (LA), recording the rhythm section tracks. 

 Lisa Karlin & Linda Good in LA.

Trevor St. John-Gilbert as the Lieutenant.

Creators of Ladyship, Laura Good & Linda Good.

Annie Sherman as Lady Jane.

Quentin Oliver Lee, Laura Good & Jakob Reinhardt in Jakob's studio in Harlem, NYC.

Joe Berardi & Marc Doten, Los Angeles.

Jordan Rogers  as "Finn" Findley, LA studio.